Volunteer as a Rider

Our rider volunteers are at the centre of our group and are respected by other riders, drivers, members of the public, and NHS.  When you first volunteer for Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes we will want you to use your own bike.  We supply our riders with an ID badge, and a Hi-Viz jacket that will identify you as a Blood Bike rider, and we will give you items for your bike that will help drivers and other people see clearly that you are delivering on behalf of the NHS around the region.

After a short period – usually a few months (and subject to you committing enough time to the group) – if you want to we will organise and pay for a short advanced training course that will get you through the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme. This involves attending a 1/2 day with an experienced trainer and passing a short rider test. We can then offer you the option to use one of the fleet bikes, and become a fleet rider for MCBB.  We have a number of BMW and Yamaha fleet bikes that are liveried for Blood Bikes use.  When riding a fleet bike we cover the cost of petrol and maintenance on these vehicles, but expect our fleet riders to ensure the bike is clean and safe before and after you use it.  Fleet bikes are shared between a number of riders, and we maintain a rota for fleet and other riders to offer their time to MCBB.

Please complete the form below to apply as a Volunteer Rider for Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes. You will need to have an A category Driving license, allowing you to ride all motorcycles, and while we consider all applications we prefer volunteers who can spare at least one day per week during the daytime as our NHS clients peak demand for our services are from 7am to 7pm 7 days a week.

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Your Name
Your Email Address
Please include your phone number as we will need to contact you via phone.
Who is the Manufacturer of your current motorbike ?
You’ve chosen the manufacturer. Now please tell us the model of bike that you own and ride.
Does your bike have Hard Luggage
Your bike needs to have either panniers or a top box and it needs to be hard luggage.
Your Driving License Details
Please confirm by ticking this box that your Driving License includes that you can drive (ride) A category motorcycles. This should be clearly marked on the back of your Plastic Driving License.
Please let us know your age range. We have a range of volunteer riders of different ages, but it helps our profiling if we know your age range – this is voluntary.
This helps us to understand your level of experience as a rider. We cannot accept any rider with less than 2 years riding experience with an A class license.
What is your current work status ?
The biggest demand for a blood bike rider from our NHS colleagues is during the working day Monday to Friday. So, if you have time to volunteer for us during those times, we’d be very keen to hear from you. We also want people who can ride for us outside of the normal working day hours and at weekends. Ideally, we like our riders to be able to volunteer some of their time on at least one day per week.
Do you hold any advanced Riding Qualifications from organisations such as RoSPA or IAM ? If so please give us details of the advanced riding qualification(s) you have, and when you received this qualification.
Please tell us any more useful details about yourself and why you would like to join Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes.